【Stylish Smart Home】Smart Panels for 7 Common Interior Design Styles in Hong Kong

【Stylish Smart Home】Smart Panels for 7 Common Interior Design Styles in Hong Kong

Smart home systems or products used to have a futuristic and techy design, reminiscent of what you'd see in sci-fi movies.  Nowadays, smart home design has evolved into a new realm — it not only focuses on technology but also emphasizes on the product's aesthetics, seamlessly blending technology and beauty to suit various interior design styles. After all, smart home products are meant to be for our homes, so they should harmonize with the overall interior design!

In Hong Kong, common interior design styles include:

  1. Modern Style
  2. Minimalistic Style
  3. Nordic Style
  4. Classic Style
  5. Light Industrial Style
  6. Japanese Style / Muji Style
  7. Luxury Style

This article will introduce each interior style and its corresponding smart home panel choices, guaranteeing you an eye-opening experience!

Modern Style x Smart Home

The modern style, originating from the early 20th century, has always been popular among Hong Kongers. Also known as "Bauhaus" architecture, it emphasizes simplicity, clean lines, smooth surfaces, and functionality. Generally, modern style utilizes light or neutral colors such as black, white, and gray, along with sunlight to create diffuse reflection, brightening the interior space. Additionally, glass surfaces are often incorporated in modern designs to create a sense of avant-garde and spaciousness, complemented by sleek lines and concealed door handles or pulls, giving it a sophisticated and tasteful look.

Choosing smart home products that match the modern style requires adherence to light colors, smooth surfaces, and clean lines. If the smart home product has a concealed design, it fits even better. Take smart panels as an example, Moorgen's Swiss Series smart panel perfectly fits the requirements of modern style with their "neat aesthetics" design. The Swiss Series can be embedded in walls and furniture, showcasing the generous and practical details of modern style.

Minimalistic Style x Smart Home

Minimalistic style originates from the concept of "minimalism," adhering to the principle of "Less is More." Minimalistic design leaves deliberate blank spaces, and only highlights the most important elements while eliminating unnecessary decorations. Similar to the minimalist designs seen in galleries or museums, the focus is on the artwork itself, and natural light fills the space with a sense of comfort and flow. Color-wise, minimalistic interiors primarily feature simple and monochromatic tones or pairs of colors, using light or earthy colors as the main theme or complementing with black for contrast. The choice of materials for minimalistic interior design is unrestricted and depends on individual preferences or the desired ambiance.

To complement the minimalist style, smart home products should embody the "Less is More" philosophy — keeping things minimal, even down to a single button. Moorgen's M18 smart dimming knob embodies the essence of "minimalism" in its design philosophy. The M18 is a circular smart panel with comprehensive functionality yet a minimalistic appearance. Its clean color scheme and simplicity in operation, with "One Button, Two Functions," epitomize the essence of "minimalism."

Nordic Style x Smart Home

Those who love Nordic design style generally have a fondness for nature, such as the texture of forests and lakes, while also valuing durability and practicality. The Nordic style is a simple and natural interior design style developed based on factors like the climate, ecology, and culture of the Nordic countries. Due to the long nights and short days in these countries, Nordic style emphasizes on indoor lighting, resulting in color palettes mostly composed of light tones like white and beige. Additionally, the abundance of high-quality wood in the Nordic region makes it a dominant material in their designs. The Nordic style originates from various Nordic countries, including Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and the most renowned of all, IKEA from Sweden, which embodies the Nordic style and offers affordable and durable furniture.

When choosing smart home products suitable for the Nordic style, they should adhere to light colors, utilize wood or natural materials, and maintain a sense of nature. Moorgen's Denmark Series, offering 11 different material options for panels, including premium TABU wood veneer, natural gemstones, or genuine leather, can be perfectly integrated into various Nordic interior designs. The automatic backlight buttons technology with natural materials, allowing smart homes in Nordic style to retain a touch of nature.

Classic Style x Smart Home

Those who love classic style prioritize luxury and grandeur! Derived from European royal influences, the classic style draws inspiration from Renaissance and Baroque art, emphasizing intricate lines and meticulous carvings with a focus on exquisite materials. Generally, the classic style requires significant space to showcase its characteristics, as it features a more subdued color palette, mainly browns and reddish-browns, complemented by lacquer or gold leaf to create a sense of luxury. Insufficient space may result in a cramped feeling. Another essential aspect of the classic style is the desire for a nostalgic touch, aiming to recreate the grandeur of ancient royal settings.

Selecting smart home products that match the classic style can be quite challenging since most of the smart home products exude a futuristic feel or feature light color schemes, which clashes with the solid colors of the classic style. However, Moorgen's Newton Retro smart panel perfectly incorporates technology into classical replicas. The design inspiration for Newton Retro originates from  "An Encounter of a Century," incorporating the design of Newton's toggle switch into a smart panel, complemented by smart backlight buttons, effectively bridging the gap between technology and classic design.

Light Industrial Style x Smart Home

To understand the light industrial style, we must first grasp the concept of "industrial design," which originated in the late 19th century, famously represented by Gustave Eiffel's design of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Industrial style features a strong metallic sense, coupled with direct use of raw materials like cement and concrete, and exposed water pipes and electrical wires, creating a rugged yet sophisticated design with a touch of antiquity. However, the industrial style may be too "harsh," giving rise to the more beloved light industrial style. Light industrial style incorporates a milder color scheme compared to the cold, metallic tones of the industrial style, making it a more homely feeling.

The light industrial style combines a sense of magnificence with modernity. Influenced by Apple's product design style, most smart home products tend to be simple and lack a sense of magnificence, making it challenging to find matching smart home products for the light industrial style. The "Landmark Series", designed by Zaha Hadid Design, injects a sense of magnificence and distinctiveness into smart panels. The multi-layered button design enhances the visual experience, perfectly complementing the visual enjoyment of the light industrial style. Moreover, the "landmark" design not only adds intelligence but also architectural aesthetics to the home.

Japanese Style / Muji Style x Smart Home

The Japanese style, influenced by Zen aesthetics, is a highly favored interior design style among those who seek harmony of mind and body. It emphasizes the interaction between humans and their environment, with a strong connection to nature. However, the emphasis is not solely on natural materials but rather on creating a serene interior space through simple and unadorned designs, often incorporating natural wood and light color palettes, embodying the Zen philosophy of "enlightenment arising from stillness." Muji style is a variation of Japanese style, infused with the natural ambiance of Nordic style while also embracing the aesthetics of minimalism. Muji style mainly revolves around wood tones, striking a balance between the coolness of minimalism and creating a more energetic indoor space.

Since the essence of Japanese style lies not in the material itself but in the atmosphere derived from the smart home products, user interfaces in smart home controllers can easily disrupt the tranquil indoor ambiance. Moorgen's Swedish Series Smart LCD Panel features a unique screensaver designed specifically to cultivate a calm and comfortable atmosphere. With a concise main interface and comprehensive functions, it can seamlessly integrate technology into the natural spaces of Japanese style / Muji style, adding a Zen touch to your home.

Luxury Style x Smart Home

Those who love luxury style naturally adore opulence. Luxury interior design styles often utilize top-tier materials like crystal and marble. Color palettes are usually not overly diverse, instead highlighting specific design focal points to maintain a clear focus and avoid visual burdens. Moreover, creating a sense of spaciousness is crucial, as luxury style aims to exude an air of grandeur and elegance. The arrangement of designs and objects in luxury style is also meticulously planned, incorporating different shapes and objects to create a luxurious atmosphere.

Given the emphasis on materials in luxury style, ordinary smart home products made of plastic may not quite fit into a luxurious interior space. Moorgen's "Milan Series" Smart Dimming Knob is a circular smart panel that easily complements luxury style in terms of its unique shape. Additionally, the smart dimming knob has two exceptionally luxurious versions – Swarovski and Tourbillon. Both versions can be adorned with 24K gold or 925 sterling silver, and the diamond-cut design significantly enhances their brilliance, taking luxury to the extreme.

The Stylish Smart Home

Smart homes are no longer just cold, tech-laden environments; "real smart homes" can blend into various interior design styles, adding a touch of elegance to home intelligence. Whether it's the sleek simplicity of modern style, the majestic grandeur of classic style, or the down-to-earth nature of Nordic style, Moorgen smart home can perfectly integrate into your living space, becoming an integral part of your daily life.

Want to get your home smart-home-ready? 

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