Rotate. Control.

Moorgen M18 Series is a wall-mounted rotary controller, companion to Smart Panel.

The Minimalism

Fit-in Anywhere, Everywhere

The minimalism of Moorgen M18 Dimming Knob is created with interior design in mind. The universally integrable design fits into wide range of interior space of different styles.

Control Just Right

Exceptional Hand Feel

The "rotary damper" of Moorgen M18 Dimming Knob is specially designed and tuned by our product expert. The smoothness of rotation and just-right hand feel is exceptional.

Highlights of M18 Series

Moorgen M18 Dimming Knob is Minimally Designed, yet Powerful.

Personalized All-in-One

Combination of Your Needs

The four buttons on the screen of Moorgen M18 Dimming Knob can be modified, based on your needs. The button settings can be accessed in the Moorgen mobile app.

Why not Both?

One Button. Two Functions

Preset scenes of the preferred environment of light, sound, etc. can be triggered by double-tab. The scene can be customized in the Moorgen mobile app.

0 - 100%

Seamless Control

Control all 0 - 100% devices such as lights, temperature of light, sound of music, etc. by rotating the outer rim of the dimming knob, or slide on the screen.

Dry Cell No More

Long-life Battery

Moorgen M18 Dimming Knob comes with lithium battery charging, equipped with Android universal charging port. Each fully charged battery can last for 3 - 6 months.

Available in 3 Colors

Perfect for Space of Minimalism

  • Belgium Silver

  • Jade Black

  • Monaca Gold

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