One Touch Screen - For All.

Moorgen Swedish Series is a Smart LCD Touchscreen Panel --- Control Everything

No Limit

Control Everything in One Place

The Moorgen Smart LCD Panel - Swedish Series enables configuration of four buttons on each screen. Switching between four-button menu is intuitive --- just swipe left and right.

It's that Simple

Easy Configuration

Each four-button menu can be highly personalized. The settings can be edited anytime, anywhere on the Moorgen mobile app.

Options - on Every Interface

The Moorgen Smart LCD Panel Swedish Series empowers an unique exprience for you.

Calm and Pleasing


There are number of screensavers available in Moorgen Smart LCD Panel Swedish Series - digital clock, analog clock, or the calm and pleasing animations.

Looks Smart

Main Interface

Moorgen Smart LCD Panel Swedish Series is a seamless and smart control panel that the background of main interface can be configured to fit into the design of interior space.

Comfort your Body


From air-conditioning, air purification, floor heating to air quality sensor, Moorgen Smart LCD Panel Swedish Series covers it all.

Tune the Mood


Light settings can be complicated. With Moorgen Smart LCD Panel Swedish Series, the lighting in every corner of your home can be easily controlled, just in one panel.

Intuitive Control

Window, Curtain and Blind

The user interface of Moorgen Smart LCD Panel Swedish Series is crafted to be intuitive. The window, curtain and blind can be adjusted just the exact way you want, without a need of actually seeing them.

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