Unified Design

Horizontal? Vertical? Swiss Series fits perfectly well.

Seamless Integration

The Angle is just Right

Moorgen Swiss Series smart panel is the pioneer of right-angle smart panel design. The seamless integration between smart panel delivers unfied and pleasant visual experience.

Human-Centered Design

Moorgen Swiss Series focuses on human experience, designing towards intuitive accessibility and unified experience.


Backlit Button

The button brighten when you approach, while become dim when you are distant from the smart panel.


Vibration Feedback

Vibration feedback is triggered when a button is pressed, offering a peace of mind that the command is received.

Swarovski Edition

Moorgen is the Only Partner of Swarovski in the global smart field.

Personalization of Swiss Series

Moorgen Swiss Series is unified yet customizable. The smart panel is minimally desiged for high degree of personalization.

Available in 12 Colors

Swiss Series integrates seamlessly with space of any tone.

  • Jade Gold

    Swarovski Crystal

  • Monaco Gold

    24K Gold

  • Glacier Silver

    Swarovski Crystal

  • Belgium Silver

  • Early Gray

  • Mica Black

  • Snowflake Silver

  • Warm White

  • Champagne Gold

  • Champagne Silver

  • Ferrari Red

  • Gem Gray

Panel Configurations

Mix & match the panels for your need.

  • 8 Button

  • Smart Thermostat

  • 5-hole Socket

  • 2-hole Socket

  • Panic Button

  • British Socket

  • Plug-in Power

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Moorgen Smart Home

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  • Smart Panel

    Moorgen Iconic Smart Panel

  • Dimming Knob

    Round-shaped Smart Panel

  • Smart LCD Panel

    Touchscreen Smart Panel

  • All-in-One Controller

    The Only Controller for All Devices

  • Dimming Controller

    Ergonomic Controller