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Moorgen Iconic Smart Panel

Moorgen integrated smart panel inherits the simple, comfortable and humanized product design from Germany

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The Design of Different Humman Behavior and Use Cases

Rotary Smart Panel

Dimming Knob

Moorgen Dimming Knob is a Rotary Smart Panel with a distinct Round Shape. From minimalism to luxury, there will be one Dimming Knob that fits your interior space.


The Touchscreen Smart Panel

Smart LCD Panel

Moorgen Smart LCD Panel is a Touchscreen Smart Panel that controls all smart home devices in the interior space on just One Single Screen.



Smart Controller

Moorgen Smart Controller is designed to combine all of controllers into one. The hand feel of each controller is perfectly designed and fine-tuned.


Companion to Smart Panel

Dimming Controller

Moorgen Dimming Controller is handy yet powerful device to control Smart Home anywhere in the interior space.


Home Safeguard

Smart Door Lock

Moorgen Smart Door Lock is anot just a simple digital door lock. Designed with cutting-edge technologies and ergonomic design, the Smart Door Lock is the first safeguard of your home.

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Moorgen Smart Home

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