Supercar Series

Designed by Steve Leung

Steve Leung

Founder, Steve Leung Design Group Ltd

Steve Leung is the renowned architect, interior and product designer. Steve had been the chairman for International Federation of Interior Architects/ Designers (IFI) during the period of 2017 - 2020.

Born in Hong Kong, Steve is well known for his modern style of design, with integration of Asian culture and art. His designs have been elected for 16 times for the Andrew Martin International Interior Design Awards, the Oscar Awards of interior design. Steve was also elected as the Global Designer of the Year of 2015.

Personalization of Steve Leung Supercar Series

Assemble the Supercar that fits your interior space

Available in 6 Colors

  • Mica Black

  • Champagne Silver

  • Snowflake Silver

  • Monaca Gold

  • Champagne Gold

  • Belgium Silver

Panel Configuration

Mix & match the panels for your need. All available in 6 colors.

  • Smart Panel

  • 3-in-1 Smart Panel

  • English Socket Panel

  • 5-Hole Socket Panel

  • 5-Hole Socket Panel (USB)

  • Panic Button Panel

Moorgen Smart Home

Find your smart home combination from our collection of products.

  • Smart Panel

    Moorgen Iconic Smart Panel

  • Dimming Knob

    Round-shaped Smart Panel

  • Smart LCD Panel

    Touchscreen Smart Panel

  • All-in-One Controller

    The Only Controller for All Devices

  • Dimming Controller

    Ergonomic Controller