Luxury. Splendid.

Moorgen Milan Tourbillon Series achieves Higher Level of Luxury with Built-in Tourbillon Movement.


360° Diamond Cut Facets

Unlike ordinary rectangular smart panel, Moorgen Milan Series Smart Panel is Round in shape, and features a 360° Angular Diamond-cut Facets on the outer rim. Each facet is independent and evenly distributed.


24K Gold. 925 Silver.

The surface of Moorgen Milan Series is covered by 24 Gold / 925 Silver, with precisely calculated angle of each diamond-cut facet, to ensure each surface of the outer rim shines exceptionally brilliant.

Highlights of Milan Tourbillon

Moorgen Milan Tourbillon capacitates user a luxury and intuitive Smart Home experience.

The Right Balance

Built-in Tourbillon Movement

Moorgen Milan Tourbillon Series integrates with built-in Tourbillon Movement, equipped with sapphire mirror glass with high degree of hardness to prevent abrasion.

0 - 100%

Seamless Control

Control all 0 - 100% devices such as lights, temperature of light, sound of music, etc. by rotating the outer rim of the dimming knob, or slide on the screen.

Options of Milan Series

Find your Luxury Style.

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