Ergonomic Design

Moorgen M58 Series is perfectly fit the angle of human hand.

Optimal Hand Feel

The Inclination

The angle of inclination of Moorgen M58 Dimming Controller delivers exceptional rotating hand feel. The minimalist design is loved by interior designers.

No Hustle

Heavy for a Reason

Moorgen M58 Dimming Controller is designed to be extra heavy to stabilize the controller when the dimming knob is rotated.

Environmental Friendly

Low Battery Consumption

Moorgen M58 Series is powered by two 2A batteries, which only needs to be replaced 6 - 12 months.

How M58 Works

The use of Moorgen M58 Dimming Controller is Intuitive with human instinct.

0 - 100% Under Control

Seamless Rotation

Control all 0 - 100% devices such as lights, temperature of light, sound of music, etc. by rotating the dimming knob on the M58 Dimming Controller.

Wht Not Both

One Button. Two Functions

Preset scenes of the preferred environment of light, sound, etc. can be triggered by double-tab. The scene can be customized in the Moorgen mobile app.

Options of Moorgen M58

For any Interior Spaces

Available in 3 Colors

  • Belgium Silver

  • Jade Black

  • Monaco Gold

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