Smart Panel: Steve Leung's "Supercar"

Smart Panel: Steve Leung's "Supercar"

If you pay even a little attention to interior design, you're likely familiar with Steve Leung. Steve Leung is a widely recognized master of interior design and architecture, known for his modern style and his ability to integrate Asian culture and artistic elements into his designs. Leung's portfolio spans residences, offices, showrooms, restaurants, hotels, and more. He consistently combines elegance and functionality to create stunning interior environments. In addition to his architectural work, he occasionally ventures into product design. In 2021, Steve Leung collaborated with Moorgen, a premium smart home brand, to design the "Supercar" smart panel. Let's delve into Steve Leung's vision of smart homes and his "Supercar" design.

Steve Leung: My Design Style Is "Simple, Elegant, and Practical"

While many categorize Steve Leung's designs as "modern," he emphasizes that his designs aren't what most people think of as "minimalist." Instead, he describes them as simple yet refined, practical with an artistic touch. He enjoys incorporating contemporary aesthetics and clean lines while subtly infusing Asian elements and details. This not only reflects his Asian heritage but also aligns with his personal motto: "Enjoy life, enjoy design."

Steve Leung has garnered over 210 international design awards and was named the "World's Best Designer" at the 2015 Andrew Martin International Interior Design Awards, often dubbed the "Oscars of the interior design world." He also has a significant presence in the international design community, having served as the President of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) from 2017 to 2020.

Nevertheless, Steve Leung's design philosophy remains consistent. He channels his creativity to explore various styles and designs freely. He also attempts to apply minimalist design principles to projects catering to different demographics, backgrounds, and cultures.

Steve Leung's "Supercar"

In 2021, Steve Leung collaborated with Moorgen to create the "Supercar" smart panel, which received the Red Dot Design Award in 2022. Steve Leung's "Supercar" design embodies a clean, elegant, and practical approach, drawing inspiration from the streamlined forms and passionate taillights of supercars. To seamlessly integrate into home environments while maintaining aesthetic appeal, the "Supercar" smart panel features a simple red light strip embedded in the center. This red light strip, combined with the three-dimensional curves next to it, conveys the dynamism of a supercar, providing a distinctive visual impact.

Moorgen's "Supercar" smart panel, as a part of smart home technology, naturally incorporates tech elements. When it senses someone approaching, the red light strip gradually dims, and the text on the buttons gradually illuminates, delivering a tech-savvy smart home experience.

The "Supercar" smart panel is available in six colors, including mica black, champagne silver, snowflake silver, Monaco gold, champagne gold, and Belgium silver. Each color complements the red light strip beautifully and suits various interior design spaces.

Steve Leung's Vision of Smart Homes

Steve Leung believes that the essence of traditional Chinese philosophy aligns with his design thinking and methods. Good design should be human-centric and seek the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

"Simplicity" isn't just a design approach; it represents an attitude toward life. Smart home systems simplify the complexity of spaces while allowing for personalized space design in flexible and unique ways. Smart home systems cleverly enhance the quality of our daily lives.

The widespread adoption of smart homes, coupled with the personalization possibilities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT), has transformed Steve Leung's conception of interior design. Integrating smart technology into homes, such as controlling air conditioning, lighting, curtains, doors, and audiovisual equipment through smart home systems, emphasizes sustainability and aims to create an eco-friendly, comfortable, and personalized environment, presenting a vision of the future.

In the post-pandemic era, as remote work becomes more prevalent with the "Work from Home" (WFH) trend, there is a growing demand for space flexibility. Residences are seeking more versatile and multifunctional spaces, blurring the traditional boundaries between home and office. Homes not only need to be convenient but also places for socializing and entertainment, just like Moorgen's smart home experience center in Guangzhou. It combines a cutting-edge home theater with high-tech equipment and systems, offering an immersive entertainment experience previously only found outside the home.

When Interior Design Meets Smart Homes

Smart homes don't have to exude a science fiction vibe. The essence of smart homes lies in "home." A smart panel that seamlessly integrates into your interior design, as well as a "human-centric" approach, is what defines a true smart home.

If you want to experience a genuine smart home, you can visit Moorgen's showroom for a free tour or reach out to Moorgen via WhatsApp for personalized advice on the ideal smart home solution for your residence.

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