Aesthetic. Human-centered

Moorgen T16 Series is a human-centered Smart Door Lock with aesthetic design.

Open the Way You Like

5 Ways to Unlock

The Moorgen Smart Door Lock - T16 Series is configured with 5 door unlocking mechanism - Finger Vein, Pin Codes, Smart Card, Mobile App and Physical Key.

Attention to Details

Ergonomic Door Handle

Moorgen Smart Door Lock - T16 Series equips with ergonomic door handle, crafted with CNC machining, while maintaining unified design.

Cutting-edge Design

The Moorgen Smart Door Lock - T16 Series is secure and safe with advanced technologies.

More than Finger Print

Finger Vein

Finger vein unlocking applies infrared technology to make the second section of the finger transparent, analyzed and identified with camera. Being more secure than fingerprints, finger vein unlocking works with dry hands, unclear or blurred fingerprints.

Touch like Baby Skin

Apple-class Product Design

The cover of Moorgen Smart Door Lock - T16 Series is made of skin-friendly polyethylene terephthalate (PET) glasses, enhanced by modern light stream.

Extra Layer of Security

Fake Pin Code

Keying in random numbers before and after the real PIN code at will, the door lock will be opened as long as the string you enter has the real PIN code you set in the middle.

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    Moorgen Smart Door Lock can be used standalone without connecting to an integrated system. Buy and use - It's that simple!

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    Moorgen Smart Door Lock is a care-free smart home product covered by warranty. Any problems? We have your back!

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