Smart Toilets: Are They Really Worth It?

Smart Toilets: Are They Really Worth It?

Smart toilets can significantly impact the overall bathroom experience and health of everyone in the household. If you're considering getting one, weigh the pros and cons based on your habits and preferences before making a decision.

Key Highlights of This Article:

  • Basic functions of a smart toilet
  • Benefits of smart toilets
  • Drawbacks of smart toilets
  • Alternatives to smart toilets: Smart toilet seats

Basic Functions of a Smart Toilet

Smart toilets on the market come with various essential features, such as heated seats, bidet functions, automatic lid opening/closing, and more. They can be categorized into instant heating and storage heating, with or without a tank. To function, they need a fresh water supply for washing and cleaning, and they require a power connection for heating the seat.

Benefits of Smart Toilets

Smart toilets are popular because they are hygienic, comfortable, and provide a unique bathroom experience.

Keeps the Toilet Seat Clean

Smart toilets come with automatic cleaning functions that can clean hard-to-reach areas, preventing dirt buildup. The surfaces are usually antibacterial, keeping the toilet seat clean at all times.

Remote Control / Night Light Function

In addition to control panels, advanced smart toilets offer remote control and even voice control features. At night, they can be equipped with night lights, making them suitable for elderly or mobility-impaired users.

Hygienic Cleaning of Sensitive Areas

The bidet function can clean sensitive areas effectively, reducing the risk of infections such as urinary tract infections. It also eases discomfort during menstruation and is beneficial for people with hemorrhoids.

Reduces Irritation of Sensitive Areas

For those with gastrointestinal issues, excessive use of toilet paper can cause skin irritation. The washing function of smart toilets can minimize the need for toilet paper, reducing skin irritation.

Decreases Toilet Paper Usage

Using the water jet function not only reduces skin damage but also decreases the household's toilet paper consumption, saving money.

Prevents Bacterial Spread

Using toilet paper to clean after each bathroom visit can leave hands less clean. Washing with water beforehand reduces the number of bacteria, lowering the risk of infection.

Drawbacks of Smart Toilets

While smart toilets offer clear advantages in hygiene and convenience, there are some downsides in terms of cost and maintenance.


Smart toilets generally cost between a few thousand to over twenty thousand HKD. While they provide many conveniences, the high price may not be justified for those without a strong need for these features.

Prone to Malfunctions

Traditional toilets primarily involve a tank, but smart toilets require additional water and electrical connections, making their design more complex. Finding compatible parts for repairs can be challenging.

High Maintenance Costs

Issues with traditional toilets usually involve simple tank repairs. In contrast, the complex systems of smart toilets mean higher repair costs, often requiring professional technicians. Frequent repairs can add up, potentially costing more than a new traditional toilet.

Potential Hygiene Concerns - Guest Usage

Using a smart toilet shared with guests might raise hygiene concerns for some, particularly regarding the bidet function.

Water Pressure Issues

Smart toilets with tanks may face low water pressure during peak usage times, making flushing difficult unless a model with a built-in pump is purchased. Tankless smart toilets rely on direct water supply, which can be inconsistent, affecting the flushing performance.

Alternatives to Smart Toilets: Smart Toilet Seats

If the idea of a smart toilet intrigues you, consider smart toilet seats as an alternative. They offer a similar comfortable experience and can be an excellent choice. Stay tuned for our detailed introduction to smart toilet seats.

After reading this Moorgenzine article, you should have a better understanding of whether a smart toilet is right for you. If you have any questions about smart home products, feel free to contact Moorgen. Additionally, if you want to experience the benefits of smart home technology firsthand, visit Moorgen's showroom in North Point, Hong Kong, and discover the true smart home experience.

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