[Smart Home] Smart Door Locks: Can Smart Door Locks Be Installed on Metal Gates? Do You Need to Remove the Metal Gate?

[Smart Home] Smart Door Locks: Can Smart Door Locks Be Installed on Metal Gates? Do You Need to Remove the Metal Gate?

Smart Door Locks, as an entry-level smart home product, not only enhance the security of your home but also elevate the technological ambiance within your living space. However, some older buildings, public housing, or government-subsidized housing units in Hong Kong are equipped with metal gates. Now, the question arises: Can smart door locks be installed on doors with metal gates? Can metal gates also accommodate smart door locks? In this article by Moorgenzine, we will address these questions regarding smart door locks and metal gates.

Key points covered in this article:

  • What are smart door locks?
  • Can smart door locks be installed on metal gates?
  • Is it necessary to remove the metal gate?
  • Smart door lock for added security without metal gate
  • Are there smart door locks specifically designed for metal gates?

What is a smart door lock?

While conventional electronic door locks typically offer only two features, namely fingerprint unlocking and anti-prying alarms, smart door locks with built-in chips, cameras, and network capabilities can provide up to six different features. These include various unlocking methods such as facial recognition, fingerprint vein recognition, and temporary passwords, among others. Smart door locks are also equipped with high-definition cameras that serve as a door viewer, providing a clear view outside of the door. Additionally, they feature anti-prying alarms, ensuring resistance against forced entry attempts. Advanced smart door locks even include a child lock mode, preventing children or pets from accidentally opening the door.

For a more in-depth understanding of smart door locks, you can refer to: Smart Door Lock: 7 Tips on Installation and 6 Features to Know

Can smart door locks be installed on metal gates?

In the market, the majority of smart door locks are designed for main doors, including wooden doors, stainless steel doors, copper sulfide doors, aluminum doors, or carved doors. If there is a metal gate installed outside your main door, can a smart door lock be installed? The answer is yes, and it may not necessarily require removing the metal gate. However, there are a few points to consider:

Distance between the main door and the metal gate

Smart door locks generally require more space in front and behind compared to mechanical locks because the handle is usually integrated into the smart door lock and protrudes outward. Therefore, the distance between the main door and the metal gate should not be too narrow, as it may hinder the metal gate from closing properly. It is generally recommended to leave a gap of about 70-80 mm between the main door and the metal gate.

Style of the metal gate and position of the high-definition camera

If the smart door lock has a high-definition camera as a "security eye," it is important to consider whether the design of the metal gate will obstruct the camera, rendering it ineffective.

Do you need to remove the metal gate for smart door lock installation?

When considering whether to remove the metal gate, you can focus on the appearance and usability aspects.


Smart door locks are generally more stylish, while metal gates in Hong Kong often have a more traditional appearance. Therefore, when the smart door lock and metal gate are placed together, there may be a visual mismatch. Removing the metal gate might enhance the aesthetic appeal. However, if there is sufficient space (70-80 mm) between the main door and the metal gate, and you wish to keep the metal gate without concerns about appearance, it is also possible to retain it.


Metal gates typically require a key to unlock, whereas smart door locks offer various unlocking methods and generally do not require carrying keys when going out. Therefore, if both the metal gate and smart door lock coexist, it may reduce the convenience of opening the door due to the need to carry the key for the metal gate. Of course, if the security in your area is average, having an additional metal gate can provide peace of mind. However, smart door locks offer multiple anti-theft features, including anti-prying alarms and real-time monitoring with high-definition cameras, making them more secure compared to traditional mechanical locks. Hence, the role of the metal gate becomes somewhat diminished.

Smart door lock for added security without metal gate

After considering the appearance and usage, if you decide to remove the metal gate but still want to feel more secure, you can consider installing a door chain on the main door. When you are inside the house, you can latch the door chain, similar to a hotel room, which will give you some peace of mind.

Additionally, when choosing a smart door lock, you can opt for one with a high-definition camera. This serves as a "security eye" and allows you to instantly monitor the situation outside the door, even when someone rings the doorbell. Moreover, you can use a smart panel, mobile app, or the intelligent screen on advanced smart door locks like Moorgen Smart Door Lock to check the situation outside at any time. Moorgen's advanced smart door lock even enables you to have real-time conversations with visitors without opening the door, making it extremely convenient.

Another essential feature is anti-pry alarm. If someone attempts to forcefully break the door lock or open the door, the smart door lock will immediately emit a piercing alarm, scaring away intruders and alerting neighbors to investigate. The smart door lock also sends instant warnings and notifications to the dedicated mobile app, keeping you informed of potential risks at your doorstep.

Are there smart door locks for metal gates?

As mentioned earlier, most smart door locks are designed for main doors in homes, and finding smart door locks specifically for metal gates may not be easy. If you do find a suitable smart door lock for a metal gate, you can certainly install it. However, if you want to install a smart door lock on a main door that leads to a metal gate, several factors need to be carefully considered, including the lock style, depth and thickness of the metal gate, the position of the lock core on the metal gate, and the weight-bearing capacity of the gate. For more details, you can refer to Smart Door Lock: 7 Tips on Installation and 6 Features to Know.

Furthermore, due to the nature of metal gates, they are not as easily drilled or modified compared to main doors. Unless you can find a smart door lock that fits perfectly, considerable effort will be required to drill holes in the metal gate. If you genuinely want to retrofit a metal gate, it is recommended to seek the assistance of professional craftsmen, although the cost may be high.

After reading this Moorgenzine article, I believe you have gained a deeper understanding of whether it is possible to install a smart door lock on a metal gate. If you still have questions about how to transform your own home into a smart home, you can contact Moorgen via WhatsApp for free professional advice or visit Moorgen's showroom to experience "Real Smart Home" firsthand.

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